“An unexamined Life is not worth Living”


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Who is
The Catalyst?

Lanre Olusola, otherwise known as ‘The Catalyst’, is an Executive & Behavioural Change Coach.

He is renowned for pioneering the life coaching industry in Nigeria, formulating Integrative Transformative Catalysis (ITC) and creating the first wholly integrative coaching academy in West Africa!

How can the catalyst help you?

The Catalyst works with individuals, organizations, families, couples, groups and governments with the primary goal of rapidly transitioning them from where they are, to where they desire, deserve and are designed to be.

Featured Resources

My Cape Coast Experience

The Be Transformed Blog

Podcast Episode

Podcast Episode

The Money Book

The Money Book

three steps to transformation

Get on the road to
success with the Catalyst

Grow your mindset from where you are now, to where you desire, dream and deserve to be!


Gain Clarity

Connect with your purpose, passion and strengths to discover your true desires.


Master Your Emotions

Release, heal and transform emotional, physical and spiritual situations.


Transform Your Thinking

Achieve mindset growth and experience true fulfilment, joy, peace and prosperity.

Upcoming Events

Victorious Living Retreat to Soar

An experiential weekend retreat on the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Maarten.

2nd – 5th December 2021

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