Catalyst Integrative Coaches Mentoring Program


To Yearly Facilitate All Round Transformation and Growth in the Minds, Careers and Lives of Coaches through, Mentorship.


To Yearly Facilitate the Transformation of the Minds and Lives of a select group Coaches.

Core Values: S.P.I.C.E.S

S - Spirituality
P - Peace, Love,Tranquility & Emotional Connection
I - Integrity & Harmony (Honor & Respect)
C - Commitment & Consistency
E - Excellence & Education
S -Self Driven & Disciplined

Character Traits: F.A.I.R

F - Friendly
A - Audacious
I - Insightful & Inspiring
R - Result Oriented & Resolute

CICMP Target Avatar

  • Professionally Trained & Certified as Coaches and/or Therapists/Counsellors.
  • Coaches in Training at a reputable Coach Training Institution.
  • Member of a Reputable and Recognized Coaching Association.
  • Committed to the professional practice of coaching.
  • Committed to and willing to Invest in Personal and Professional Development.
  • Spiritually/Emotionally Intelligent.
  • Mature and GROWTH Minded.

Yearly Objectives

  • Facilitate Direct and Peer to Peer Unlearning, Learning and Relearning.
  • Encourage the Spirit of Excellence.
  • Facilitate the Professional Practice of Integrative Coaching.
  • Curate Coaching and Learning Points for Professional Advancement in Coaching.
  • Create and Introduce several Personal and Professional Development Programs.
  • Create a Community of Diverse, Open Minded and Creative Integrative Coaches.
  • Hearts ready to add value and contribute positively to the Advancement of Africa, Africans and people of African Decent and the world at Large.
  • Help Coaches Embrace and Live in Love, Peace and Harmony Within and Without.

Steps/Term for CICMP Admission:

  • Written application to the Catalyst Office for mentorship for 12 months.
  • Submission of profile/CV.
  • Submission of 5 - 10 year personal and professional GROWTH statements or plan.(Basic Level Exempted)
  • Submission or statement of track record in coaching.(Basic Level Exempted)
  • Provision of 2 referees.
  • Reference check.
  • Proof of financial independence.
  • Completion and submission of commitment form.
  • Payment of fees of $700.
  • Evidence of attending previous CICMP with a minimum of 60% attendance, engagement and commitment to the various programs in the previous levels for Upgrade to CICMP Platinum or Diamond.(Basic Level Exempted)
  • Fast track your Coaching Practice, Guarantee your Success and GROW as a Coach in 1 year with The CATALYST.




Program is for ONLY 50 people who are not coaches and have not taken any coaching courses but are interested in being mentored by me across Africa.



Program is for ONLY 50 Coaches across Africa. You must meet the criteria stated



Program is for ONLY 30 Coaches across Africa. You MUST have graduated from CICMP Gold Level.



Program is for ONLY 20 Coaches across Africa. You MUST have graduated from CICMP Platinum Level.



Program is for ONLY 20 Coaches across Africa. You MUST have graduated from CICMP Diamond Level.

Complete the registration form and pay $700 participation fee latest 20th November, 2023

Program begins in December 2023 with the attendance of the Life Design Master Class.

Who is this mentorship for?

To qualify you must;
1. Be interested in your own personal development and acquiring life skills for the basic level.
2. Have studied, be certified or in training as;

  • A Coach
  • An NLP practitioner
  • An EFT practitioner
  • A Matrix Reimprinting Practitioners
  • A Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Therapist
  • Counsellor
  • Emotional Intelligence Therapist
  • An Energy Psychologist
  • An Energy Therapist
  • A Cognitive Behavioral Therapists (CBT)

What are the Benefits of Catalyst Integrative Coaches Mentoring Program (CICMP '24)?

  • 50% off all OLCA classes and CATALYTS masterclasses For example if you took these 3 courses during CICMP Gold
    Life Coaching = N840,240.00, NLP 1 = N840,240.00, SHARP 1 & EFT 1 = N420,000.00, Total = N2,100,480.00, CICMP 50% Discount = N1,050,240.00
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to The Catalyst’s Special Library of coaching and personal development related books for COACHES(Over 100 ebooks available for FREE).
  • Earn CCEUs (Continues Coaching Education Units) that contribute towards your Coaching Professional Level, Membership, Upgrade with recognized Coaching Bodies
  • Your earned CCEUs contribute towards an award of a Catalyst Integrative Coaching Certification at the end of 12 months (Having met 60% of the requirements)
  • Group sessions and bonding opportunities with your cohort once a month.
  • Mentorship opportunities with more experienced coaches (For Gold and Platinum levels).
  • Accountability partnership.
  • Peer to peer learning, coaching and personal development opportunities.
  • Collaboration opportunities with other mentees.
  • Exponential personal and professional growth.
  • Follow the Recommended Catalyst, Professional and Personal skills acquisition journey.
  • Follow the Recommended OLCA, Professional Coaches Career Journey from Level 1 - Level 4 (Also acquire CCEUs at the same time).
  • Monthly Knowledge Sharing Sessions with The Catalyst and all 5 CICMP Levels.
  • Be a member of an Intimate Coaching Community.
  • FREE access to several Catalyst Profiling Tests.

How Does It Work?

  • You will be a member of a smaller cohort/group of 3-5 cohorts (Each cohort member will hold the others in the cohort accountable for their goals, progress, development and growth for the year).
  • Group bonding sessions within your cohort once a month.
  • One cohort will be selected to share a new breakthrough, intervention or testimonial in the monthly programs.
  • Every mentee will support each other with exchange one on one coaching sessions and PR.
  • You will each get a 50% scholarship for ALL OLCA courses (You are required to take a minimum of 3 OLCA/CATALYST paid programs each year).
  • You will have first priority for associate coaching opportunities (If and when we get a client requests).
  • You will get the opportunity to be outsourced to organizations as external coaches (If and when we get a client requests).
  • You will have first option for internship opportunities with the catalyst, Olca and any other affiliated organization.
  • You will get first option for our other volunteering opportunities.
  • You will have the opportunity to study the Catalyst by close proxy, with the various Catalyst programs you get an opportunity to build your coaching business and brand and intentionally position yourself, so that you can run a successful online and physical coaching practice.
  • You may eventually become part of the Catalyst-A and OLCA-A Squad of Associate Coaches.
  • You may be hand selected to be a part of The Catalyst ACE program (CAP), a very small but exclusive group of elite coaches.

Additional Requirements

  • You will have to subscribe to my “50 Secrets of Success” Nuggets.
  • You will have to subscribe to my several bodies of knowledge, podcast, books, meditations, audio materials, articles and newsletters.
  • Based on your area of expertise you may be invited as a speaker, contributor, panelists etc on several online and physical Catalyst platforms.
  • You will be held accountable to the highest performance and success standards and the achievement of your goals.
  • You will get 10% referral commission for our programs, products and services that you sell.
  • You will get 10% referral commission for any speaking engagement, training or organizational related jobs you bring.
  • You may get an opportunity to collaborate with the catalyst to deliver your program (If it meets the various requirements).

Requirements for Levels 1 - 4

  • You should have taken at least 2 coaching related courses from a recognized institution.
  • You must send your completion certificate to
  • You may be in the process of completing a coaching or complementary certification from a recognized institution.
  • You must be passionate about practicing coaching or therapy.
  • You must commit to taking at least 3 coaching or therapy related courses each year at the OLCA.

2024 Cohort

2024 Cohort Calender