Success Stories

Can't take my word for it? Check feedbacks from happy clients.

"At a time when sentiments & activities in the financial services industry were at a low point (job losses & pay cuts were the norm) & outlook was generally bleak, we needed a session that would motivate our staff into recognizing that we understood their fears and concerns; There was a need to be prepared for the challenges ahead. Mr. Olusola and his team handled the session excellently well, they did a thorough research on our markets before the session, ensuring that the presentation was made in context & we could relate to their style & methods. Overall it was an instructive session; with great value add for our organization."

Dr. Laolu Mudashiru

DMD/COO, Vetiva

"...So for me, my experiences with Dr. Lanre Olusola are multi-dimensional, but one thing I am certain of is his ability to listen, weigh all the options, use his professional skills as a Life Coach and therapist to calm me down and help me find lasting solutions to the various challenges and dilemmas that I have faced over the years."

Mo Abudu

TV Personality and CEO Ebony Life Television

"Success Stories from Zambia"

Success Stories from Zambia

"I am 55yrs old and about 15 years ago, I began to suffer from an extreme fear of flying. I would scream or jump on the passenger next to me at any bit of turbulence, sweating, trembling, and clutching the seat armrests so tightly that my hands would cramp. In the past 1 year since my phobia therapy with Lanre, I have been flying every month sometimes three times a month with some fairly intense, low visibility, and turbulent weather and I can say that the phobia is completely gone."

Helen Agune


"...As far as I was concerned I didn't need a coach or lesson teacher because, my business was coasting nicely, I didn't even have a need for a paddle because I didn't even need to row.
Stagnation was just ok for me until a Catalyst came by! As my personal and professional coach to Genevieve at the time, I began to think Global for Genevieve, learning to break free from the captivity of making do with little and thinking big, being in the big league with a brand that had a loyal following due to its newer global look, much improved layout, photography, content, (softer features) more defined vision and focus."

Betty Irabor

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Genevieve Magazine

"Success Stories from London"

Success Stories from London

"Over the years, The Catalyst Dr. Lanre Olusola has helped me make the picture unfold and it's amazing how I've seen the fragments converge into this amazing journey that has become mine as a person, brand, musician, photographer and artist. I can do it all because I have felt it, I gained immense clarity on how ALL these fit together into one, within the context of my purpose. Having Dr. Lanre Olusola as my coach is definitely a gif from God."

TY Bello

Musician, Photographer