Gd Morn,

Welcome to December 2013.

Its not over Yet; You can Still have ALL you Desire.

But a good questions to ask is; Why have you not ALL that you ask for?

Because many just religiously Pray not FULLY Understanding the Power Dynamics of this Spiritual Gateway that Gives You ACCESS to Everything and Gives Everything ACCESS to You.

Prayer Power Dynamics Require that:

When you Pray; You MUST BELIEVE that You have RECEIVED that which you Ask for; ONLY Then will You have it
~Mk 11: 23

In Prayer and Spiritual Power Dynamics “BELIEVING is Seeing”(You BELIEVE – KNOWING you have it first, before it Manifests)

In Real Life Dynamics “Seeing is believing”(You see the physical evidence first with your naked eyes, before you believe it)

Here is a Wake up call and Lesson in Prayer Power Dynamics.

Sometime back at the Holy Ghost Service (Redeemed Christian Church Of God Camp),
I heard Pastor E.A. Adeboye prophesied that in the next 5 minutes some people will become car owners.

Everybody shouted “Amen” !!!

After the earth shaking AMEN Meaning “SO BE IT”, he told the congregation that “whoever BELIEVED he/she had FAITH to become a car owner in the next few minutes should come to the alter”.

Everybody sat back because they reasoned they were at the camp and nobody thought he or she could go buy a car at that middle of the night

(The Prayer wasn’t about money or the purchase of a car at a dealership-It was simply about becoming a car owner in minutes).

However to the surprise of many adults, a 9 year old boy got up and went to the altar; Motivated by him 8 other (seemingly foolish) people followed him.
(Except we are like these little children we cannot enter the Kingdom of God says the Scriptures)

Pastor Adeboye then confessed:
“I got 14 cars as gifts during the week and the Holy Spirit ministered to me some minutes ago to give them out, I’m hereby giving 9 out of the cars to these people”.

The young boy got the most expensive of all the cars.

You are only one step away from your miracle – Activate the Right Prayer Dynamics!

“You can live your whole life not realising that what you’re looking for is right in front of you”.
~David Nicholls

“I plead with you Never, Ever Give up on Hope, Never Doubt, Never Tire, and Never become Discouraged. Be not afraid”.
~Pope John Paul II

These words Accompany Receipt:

Thank You
I Have Received
I am Blessed
I Believe that I Have my Car

Not these ones;

Give me
Bless me Lord
I am Believing God for my car

“Correct Your Prayer; Connect Your Life with Everything”


“The Catalyst”