While the world keeps monitoring Arsenal’s progress and weighing its achievements in terms of trophy lifting and league championships, it is worthy to note that Arsène Wenger’s partnership with Arsenal F.C is one of the wonders in the ever forming history of 21st century football.

How a club that has almost never won any trophies in the past 9 years maintain a very prominent position in the competitive rank board of a Football league and at the same time sustain a strong economical balance should amaze keen observers like me.

Here’s a list of the Richest Football Clubs in the world and see where Arsène Wenger prominently fixed Arsenal.

1. Real Madrid – £459.5m

2. Manchester United – £433.2m

3. Bayern Munich – £407.7m

4. Barcelona – £405.2m

5. Paris Saint-Germain – £396.5m

6. Manchester City – £346.5m

7. Chelsea – £324.4m

8. Arsenal – £300.5m

9. Liverpool – £255.8m

10. Juventus – £233.6m

11. Borussia Dortmund – £218.7m

12. AC Milan – £208.8m

13. Tottenham – £180.5m

14. Schalke 04 – £178.9m

15. Atletico Madrid – £142.1m

16. Napoli £137.8m

17. Inter Milan – £137.1m

18. Galatasaray – £135.4m

19. Newcastle United – £129.7m

20. Everton £120.5m

21. West Ham United – £105.3m

22. Aston Villa – £101.9m

23. Marseille – £100m

24. Roma – £97.7m

25. Southampton – £97.3

26. Benfica – £96.6

27. Sunderland – £95.7m

28. Hamburg – £92.2m

29. Swansea City – £90.5m

30. Stoke City – £90.1m

Maintaining the 8th position is something we can term a miracle for a team like Arsenal considering the level of their achievements when compared to other clubs. It’s beginning to make sense why Arsène Wenger hasn’t been sacked even when other coaches and club managers are getting fired for just losing one crucial game.

Asides from football , business people, employees and employers need to look at Wenger as a model for sustained financial success. The fact that his employers haven’t fired him yet irrespective of all the #WengerOut tweets that go up immediately Arsenal loses a game means people who get fired frequently need to learn about job relevance from Wenger. (That sounds comical doesn’t it?)


“… My job is to make people happy – if they are not happy, I have to live with it.” – Arsene Wenger.

Here is another outstanding fact about Wenger‘s efficiency as a Manager.

Nationwide in England, below are the top clubs that sell the largest amount of shirts:

1. 47.35% of Arsenal T-shirts sold in London alone.

2. 44.71% is sold by Manchester United. And

3. 35.2% is sold by Chelsea FC.

How on earth does a Club that has won almost no trophies in the last 9 years in the EPL still have fans buy its shirts more than other top clubs? Guess the fans aren’t as disappointed as you think.

You might say, “Football is about winning trophies and making the fans happy”. I’ll say, “How about making money and making the investor and players smile?” Truth is, Football is not just a sport anymore. As a matter of fact, football has proven to be more business than sport.


The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola