I am currently in Calabar for the celebration of EbonyLife TV ‘s 1 year anniversary so I somehow have holiday,celebrations in the brain. It  however gave me joy and inspiration to see @OLCAcad  ‘s tweets which according to them, was inspired by my #WisdomNuggetsForToday (see media below) this morning (inspiration is like a cycle).


Let me share with you the tweets from @OLCAcad (The Oluosola Lanre Coaching Academy) this morning.

1. According to @lanreolusola #WisdomNuggetForToday , he says it’s time to dream again and this time you need to dream BIG.
2. The best way to bring your BIG dreams to life is to take action. When you have dreams and you don’t do anything, they keep being dreams3. The biggest threat to you achieving all your dreams and becoming successful in life is “inertia”. #OLCA
4. Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion, including changes to its speed and direction.
5. Are you resisting change to your speed? Are you impeding your own success by being immobile?
6. “A good head & a good heart are always a formidable combination ” – #Mandela . U need to constantly develop yourself to remain formidable
7. Like @lanreolusola will say: it all begins with you. So do you permit yourself to succeed?Apply today! #OLCA
8. #Education should never stop. Whether you just left Secondary school, finished Uni, started your own company or have a successful career
9. Irrespective of who you are and what you have you need to attend our Bespoke Life Success Coaching Class in September Mourning
10. Whatever you think you have achieved or not achieved you can do BETTER, attend our class in September. #GROW

And juts in case you have no idea what #WisdomNuggetsForToday is, see Media below and make it a date every morning as I share them on all my social media platforms. They will inspire you and help you get to where you were destined to be.

WNFT Dream again Dream BIG

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Your Catalyst,

Lanre Olusola.