Gd Afternoon,

Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory.
~ 1 Cor 2:8

Satan has no right to afflict us anymore; we shouldn’t permit it.

Why did Jesus have to die the way He Did?

Why did JESUS pay the ultimate Price?

Who did HE Die for?

Jesus Died For YOU & I

JESUS suffered physically, emotionally and spiritually for YOU & I – We need not go Through this Again – He already did on our behalf.

He was weak so WE are Strong
He was wounded, bruised, sick so WE are Healed
His body was lacerated for OUR Beauty
He suffered pain so WE Live Painless
He experienced hatred, sadness and anguish so WE Live in Pleasure, Peace and Love
He had many sorrows so WE Live in Joy and Happiness
He was betrayed and disgraced so WE are Honoured
He was crucified so WE are Justified
He was nailed and bound to the cross so WE are Free
He was fallen so WE Arise & Shine
He was killed so WE Live Eternally
He lacked so WE are Abundant, Rich and Wealthy
He ended all things so WE Have a New Dawn & Beginning
He wept so WE Laugh
He was burdened so WE are Light Hearted
He was on bended knees so WE Stand and Walk Tall With Pride.
He was naked so WE are Fully Endowed and Clothed
He was stretched and discomforted on the cross so WE are Comforted
He forgave them so WE are Sinless and Righteousness

His back was broken, He was humiliated, disgraced, spat at, nailed to the cross, a crown of thorns on his head, he carried His cross so WE are Honoured and Feared

” HE DECLARED It Is Finished”

He Became OUR Substitute.

Don’t try to Live a Changed Life; its IMPOSSIBLE; Make that Exchange Today and Everyday; Accept and Embrace the GRACE of His Finished Work and Leave the Law through Your Works.

His blood Speaks Powerfully on OUR Behalf; Speak This TRUTH Also; Say I am FREE; It is Finished; I am a Son of God; I am the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.