Gd morn,

2010/11 Forbes Top 10 Richest and most Successful Africans.

1.Aliko Dangote – $13.5Billion
2.Nicky oppenheimer & Family -$6.5Billion
3.Nassef sawiris-$4.75 Billion
4.Johann Rupert & Family-$4.7Billion
5.Mike Adenuga -$4.3
6.Milioud chaabi -$3 Billion
7.Naguib sawiris-$2.9Billion
8.Christoffel Wiese-$2.7Billion
9.Onsi sawiris-$2.6Billion
10.Patrice Motsepe-$2.5Billion

You CAN also make this list someday.

The surest way though is to find a need that is common to a very large section of society, and meet that need in an innovative and creative way.

This is the wealth secret of billionaires like Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the founders of Microsoft; Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, Aliko Dangote, the Chairman of Dangote group.

Today, the founder of Face book, the largest social networking site in the world  was named the TIME magazine 2010 man of the year, then he became the youngest billionaire on the Forbes list of the richest and most successful people in the world.

Then He was 26 years old and worth $4.0 billion. He found a way to meet the social needs of millions of people who want to network with each other (Fostering Relationships).

Ask yourself the question:

“Which need am I meeting, and how many people am I meeting their need?

I Challenge you to WAKE UP!!!!!
More Needs Met; More Money !!!!! More Success !!!!

I Pray that The Almighty God, Richly Blesses you and the Work of your Hands; May you Continually Live in Abundance, Lacking Nothing.



“The Catalyst”