Gd morn,

“The more and more each is Impelled by that which is INTUITIVE, or the Relying upon the Soul/Spirit Force Within, the Greater, the Farther, the Deeper, the Broader, the More Constructive may be the Result.”
~ Edgar Cayce

I Believe that:

“Your Destiny is not a physical place but a Function of How and What you SEE with your INNER EYES”

“Seeing with naked eyes is SIGHT;
Seeing with Inner eyes is INSIGHT;
Clearly Articulating INSIGHT is VISION.”

“All who have accomplished Great things have had great VISION and have stayed FOCUSED.”

Helen Keller at age 2, lost her sight and hearing. She attended the school for the blind and also learnt how to speak.

She became the first blind person to obtain a University degree.
She wrote & published 12 books. She became a world-famous speaker and author.
She visited 44 countries and was well known by all american presidents in her life time.

“The Best and Most Beautiful Things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they Must be FELT with the Heart.”
~Helen Keller

“With a clear Written down VISION, You Accomplish Far More that those without”

TODAY I Challenge you to:

SEE the VISION, write it down, TRUST your INTUITION, follow your HEART, Close your eyes and take that Leap of Faith.”


“The Catalyst”