Today is the 31st of December i.e the last day of 2015, I will like to congratulate you for the sole reason that you’re alive and well to be reading this message.  Please patiently decide now that Your 2016 must begin differently from how your 2015 began , Your WORDS will create your WORLD in 2016 so to Guarantee a Phenomenal 2016, deliberately focus on the things you wish to see, start talking right.

Say  this special  New Season; New Beginning Affirmation with me : 

As my old Season ends

My New Season begins.

With these my words I now Create my New Beginning.

It’s a New Dawn; A Brand New Day and A Brand New Year for me.

My yesterday is Gone

My Today is Blessed

My Tomorrow is the Brightest.

I Create my own Miracles

I Believe in and Expect Miracles in my Life daily

My Life is a Sign and a Wonder this year

My Destiny is Secure in the Almighty God

My Will Aligns with God’s Will

God Loves me Specially

He Provides for me daily

He is the Glory and Lifter of my head

He is my Source

My life is the way it was ordained to be from the beginning of time.

Everything that unfolds from now is right for me

My Path Shines Brighter and Brighter unto Perfection

I think daily Positive Thoughts in 2016

As I end 2015, I create new Positive Energy, Hope, Faith and Love

I prepare and step into my Desired Future

I experience Promotion; Peace; Prosperity and Progress in 2016 and beyond

My Intentions are Pure and Powerful

My Imaginations, Thoughts, Beliefs, Feelings and Values are in Alignment

My Heart is Guarded

I am in sync with God’s Vision for me

I Focus on my Vision and Purpose

I am Relevant and Significant

I am SELFLESS, Generous and Kind

I Love God and Everyone as Myself

I am a Solution

I have Faith that Moves Mountains

I am Decisive, Bold and Courageous

I take Positive Consistent Action

I am a Doer

I am grateful and thankful in advance for my heart feels, conceives and my eyes have seen 2016 and beyond

I celebrate in ADVANCE; I am BLESSED.

Get the New Season Affirmation track or my entire Affirmation album on iTunes and start creating your world with your own words… You are a co-creator.


The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola