The Principle of Action
This refers to the ability to take consistent attendant action in line with the actualization of your vision and goal.
Here is where a lot of people fail: 
They don’t generate enough action options towards achieving their vision or goals.
They don’t run enough scenarios for actions required to actualize their vision and goals
Doing the right things at the right time the right way is the secret to achieving anything
“Knowing is not enough – We must Apply. Willing is not enough we must do” – Bruce Lee
“Faith without works is dead”
“Let’s not just be hearers only but doers of the word”
At the END of it all, it is what we consistently “DO” that delivers results, not what we think, believe, feel, see or say.
Never Give up…Take Requisite and attendant action till the end
The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola
Behavioral Change Psychologist