Gd Morn,

When we Accuse, Complain and Murmur we Seek justification to Remain where we are.

Never Complain about what you Permit.

“NATIONS Given to those you do not Sit Waiting for Opportunities BUT to those who take up the RESPONSIBILITY of Creating their Own Opportunities”

Some Individuals are NATIONS; By Virtue of the VALUE they Create

Such as Bill Gates; Steve Jobs; Warren Buffet; Carlos Slim etc.

The U.S.A is Where it is Today and will continue to be there, Principally because of the Number of Businesses, Entreprenuers, Billionaires and Millionaires she has; The Highest number Globally.

Do you Know that Because of you NAIJA and NAIJA’s Economy can be Tranformed?

Who is NAIJA ? You & I

Who’s RESPONSIBILITY is it to Transform and Change NAIJA? Yours and Mine.

We Need to Begin with a NEW NAIJA DREAM.

Then WE MUST have a Healthy:

NATIONAL ESTEEM: That is WE MUST have a Positive and Good Measure of OUR Individual and Overall Evaluation of OUR COLLECTIVE SELF WORTH.

NATIONAL CONFIDENCE: That WE MUST be a PROUD People, who have Taken our DESTINIES in OUR own Hands. Proud of ourselves Individually and Collectively.

NATIONAL BELIEF: That With God on OUR Sides WE CAN BE One of “The World’s Greatest Nations”. That We CAN DO what is Required to BE this Desirous NATION.

Finally We MUST Have a Common NAIJA VISION to RANK AMONG the TOP 5 Nations in ALL Ramifications by 2025.

HOW Will this BE I’m Sure your are Asking?

Consider these for Evidence:

Africa is The Future of the World; NAIJA is the GIANT of AFRICA.

Aliko Dangote is Africa’s Richest man.

Nigeria is Africa’s largest mobile market with over 85 million subscribers.

The UK Gov in 2011, described Nigeria as the world’s 4th fastest growing economy with solid growth expected in the next 5 years.

Nigeria is the No 1 market in Africa for Guinness and the No 2 Globally, after UK. Nigeria is predicted to be No 1 Globally ahead of the UK by 2014.

NAIJA is The International Investors’ Target. We are the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market. In 2011 multinationals like Coca-Cola Hellenic, Heineken and PZ Cussons Drastically began increasing their investments in NAIJA.

General Electric (GE) is Building one of its Biggest Factories in Calabar.

What May stop NAIJA from BEing TOP 5 Nations by 2025?

The NAIJA Gov, money, things to change?
NOPE !!!

It MUST Happen with You and I Taking Individual and Collective RESPONSIBILTY for Our NAIJA ESTEEM; CONFIDENCE; BELIEF and VISION. Constantly SAYING and ACTING on it in OUR Own Little Way.

We MUST Start REBUILDING NOW… It Begins with YOU & I !!!!


“The Catalyst”