Gd Morn,

Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue who they are.
~ Malcom Forbes.

A good friend of mine Doc Bob once told me this inspiring story;

In 1872, at the age of 16, Booker T. Washington (born a slave & became the foremost black educator of the late 19th/20th centuries) decided he wanted to go to school.

He walked 500 miles to Hampton Institute in Virginia & presented himself to the Headteacher.

Washington later recalled, “Having been so long without proper food, a bath & change of clothing, I did not make a very good impression upon her & I could see at once that there were doubts in her mind about me.

Finally she said to him, “The adjoining recitation room needs cleaning. Take the broom & do it.”

A lesser person might have been insulted by being assigned menial work. But Washington recognised immediately that this was his big chance.

He swept that room three times & dusted it four times. He even cleaned the walls and the closets. Then he reported to the Headteacher that the job was finished.

She examined that room like a drill sergeant. She even took a handkerchief & rubbed it across the top of a door. When she could not find a particle of dirt, she said, “I guess you will do to enter this institution.”

As a 16-year-old, Washington could not do many things. But he could clean a room. And he did it gloriously. He Knew Where he was going, he BELIEVED and was prepared to do what he needed to, to get there.

“Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost their own self-esteem as well as that of their People. If people BELIEVE in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish”.
~ Sam Walton.

“You yourself, even more than anybody else in the entire universe, Need to BELIEVE in Yourself, You also DESERVE your “own” Love and Affection”.
~ Unknown

“Extraordinary living begins with BELIEVING in Yourself and using what you have”.