Success is not always based on money, sadly too many people see ‘rich’ as successful. There are two types of success’s, ‘Good’ success and ‘Bad’ success. A thief who is successful for instance does not have ‘Good’ success.

You can be more successful at parenting, at giving, at caring, at living, than some people who are richer than you. Some people are just plain successes at living; they exercise right, eat right, sleep right and never fall ill. The beauty about it is, anyone can be successful, but there has to be a point of contentment though, otherwise, it may become ‘Greed’.

Teach yourself to remember names; people are impressed when you remember their names. Take time out to be kind to people, tip well, speak ‘to’, not ‘down at’ people. Feel free to ask questions, you show real strength when you say “I DON’T KNOW”, it’s one of the best opportunities to learn. Remain teachable till you die and always teach what you’ve learnt to someone else, never letting it die with you.

I sat down with Lanre Olusola for his show BE ALL YOU CA N BE with THE CATALYST on The Beat 99.9FM last week Saturday. That episode, “Redefining Music in Nigeria” (a very good one if I may say so myself) is now up on YouTube. Whether you are in the music field or not, there is something you will learn from it.  You need to WATCH IT NOW .

Be prayerful, be a student of life, for life, and be willing to share what you’ve learnt; be flexible, but never compromise your integrity; be dependable, be disciplined, be honorable, be all that you can be…


GOD’s Speeeeeeeed,

Kehinde ≈KDL®™©2014


Kehinde Lawrence Dacosta

Kehinde Dacosta-Lawrence – KDL  (One part of the Lawrence 2wins) is an internationally acclaimed  Record Executive, Producer and Songwriter. As the Lawrence 2wins, their production and songwriting credits range from R&B to Rock, Pop, Reggae, Jazz, Gospel, even Country, TV shows, short movies and documentaries.

KDL has worked directly or indirectly with various artistes, producers, record labels and media organizations all around the world, some of which include Whitney Houston, Barry White, Usher, Eddie Murphy, MI, Cobhams, Sony Music, Bad Boy Records, Laface Records, BET, SiverbirdTV and more.