Are you able to still Function Effectively Solve Problems, Make Rational and Intelligent Decisions when you are Angry?

 “A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control” ~ Prov 29: 11

Anger is an emotion that can be internalised or expressed externally.
Anger can graduate from slight irritation to rage.

I know of:

Students that were expelled from school because they attacked other students in feats of anger and rage.

Staff fired from their jobs due to violent behaviour towards their colleagues and superiors.

Some people in their expression of anger, have developed serious health issues ranging from dizzy spells, cancer, ulcers, palpitations, high blood pressure to heart attacks.

Many relationships are being destroyed today, Simply because of: Anger, A Lack of Anger Mastery Skills and Emotional Intelligence.

Ask Yourself:

Why am I REALLY angry?
Who am I REALLY angry with?
What am I REALLY angry about?
Is this anger Residual or Fresh?
What Triggers my anger?
Besides anger how else do I REALLY Feel?


“85% of Your Success in Life is Dependent on Emotional Intelligence”

“If You Can Master Your Thoughts, Beliefs and Emotions You Have Mastered Your Life”

For your Peace I Assure you; It’s a Journey Worth Embarking on.


“The Catalyst