Gd Morn,

2014 is Our Year of Clarified VISION

What is Vision?

VISION is the Picture of Your FUTURE that You SEE, FEEL, BELIEVE, DECLARE and ACT on TODAY !!!

2014 is Truly our New Season and Beginning….

We are About to Experience Your Best Year Yet…..

2014 is our Year of Extra Ordinary VISION and IMAGINATION Manifesting in GREAT ACHIEVEMENTS.

We are only a few Days into 2014 though, so its the right time to…

Tap into the GRACE for 2014 …

SEE Your Dreams for this Year CLEARLY and IMAGINE Them Fulfilled and Coming to Fruition In Jesus Name..AMEN.

Have Faith Like Abraham – Who when he ENVISIONED God’s Promise of him being the Father of many nations, it Manifested at the age of 100.

In 2014 ‘Anything is Possible’

Word of Caution:

“UNPROGRESSIVE is he that restraints others from SEEING; IMAGINING and BEING”

Be Wise:

OPEN other People’s Eyes to SEE Clearly; Per adventure you will SEE Even Clearer”

ENCOURAGE Other people to DREAM; IMAGINE and SEE VISIONS; Per adventure Your DREAMS and VISIONS will come to You also.

DON’T Blindfold or Veil Others; You May just Be Doing same to yourself.

May your Eyes and Heart be OPEN to SEE as God SEES in 2014 in Jesus Name AMEN


“The Catalyst”