Gd Morn,

According to my brother Wole Olusola,

No matter what you achieve in life, once you question the existence of God you are classified as a fool.

“THE [empty headed] fool has said in his heart, There is no God.”
~Psalm 14:1

Do you know that:

You are a wonder?

You were DELICATELY and DELIBERATELY hand Crafted….for a Purpose and with a Mandate?

Understanding the way our organs work VALIDATES the Master Creator’s Handiwork.

IF He can be so DELIBERATE with your internal organs and its functions How much more your LIFE – Purpose.

God is Interested in your Prosperity ….. It Gives Him Pleasure….Just Acknowledge Him as your Source…….Love and Embrace His Excellency…..Stand aside and watch ALL things work together for your good.

After all what role do you consciously play in controlling and optimising the functioning of your organs; Especially at Night?

Isn’t it God that works in you to even function.

Do you know that:

Our kidneys are created to control the amount of red cells in our blood.
Red blood cells transport oxygen to every part of our body.
If you lose a lot of blood or if you go on a high altitude, your body will lack oxygen.
Our kidneys have oxygen sensors and when they detect an oxygen shortage in the blood, they activate the production of EPO
Our EPO levels, may rise to as much as a thousand fold.
The EPO stimulates the bone marrow to produce more red cells which in turn transport more oxygen.

No man made system can work like this, ONLY the Creative God could have designed such an elegant functioning system.

Your workmanship is marvelous- how well I know it.”
~Psalm 139:14

How much more creative can He Get IF you permit Him to Handle Your Affairs daily?

No big bang created the human being?

No evolution turned dinosaurs or apes into humans.

No chance turned matter into such a master piece.

God is real and you are His master piece. You are Created to fulfil His Mandate.
Step into it NOW.
Father I Thank you for Fearfully and Wonderfully making me !
I Release Your Creativity to Manifest Daily in my Life also
I Believe I don’t just exist; My Life has and Makes Meaning to You.
in Jesus Name AMEN.


“The Catalyst”