I am Proud and indeed Grateful to be called
“The Catalyst”.
In my opinion is one of the most significant callings of the twenty first century.

I am awed daily by the awesome beauty and abilities of the human being.
I am especially intrigued by the unlimited possibilities and potential of the human Spirit and Mind.

I Believe:

 In The Almighty God; The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.
 In Jesus Christ the son of God; He is my Lord and Personal Saviour.
 In the Power and Sufficiency of God’s Grace, Mercy, Love and Compassion.
~2 Corinthians 12:9; Exodus 33:19

I Encourage you to Believe that:
 You are Created in God’s Image, After His Likeness to Live an Extraordinary Life of Total Peace, Tranquility, Prosperity, Productivity, Pleasure, Happiness, Joy and Love.
~ Genesis 1: 26
 ALL Things Are Possible for you; If ‘only’ you Can BELIEVE.
~Mark 9:23
 ALL Things Will Work Together for your Good, IF you Love God and you are Called According to His Purpose.
~Romans 8:28
 “You are the Captain of your own ship; The Driver Towards Your own Destiny; The MASTER of your FATE”