Gd Morn

Here is an Estimated Value of Resources and Raw Materials Available to You and I to Create Incredible Value and Wealth on the Earth within the next 10-15 years.

1) $220b (Copper)
2) $50b (Gold)
3) $300b (Silver)
4) $300b (Alluminium)
5) $600b (Iron/Tin/Zinc/Lead)

TOTAL METALS: $51Trillion $48Billion.

7) $16t (Crude oil)
8) $1.5t (Barley)
9) $4t (Corn)
10) $19t (Meat)
11) $4t (Rice)
12) $4t (Pork)
13) $3.6t (Wheat)
14) $383t (Coal)

GRAND TOTAL: $486 Trillion; $48 Billion; $100 Million.

Imagine the Value of Finished Products to be Manufactured.

Imagine the Value of Treasures in Earthen Vessels.

Imagine the Value of intellectual Property and Solutions to be Created by MAN from these and more.

Metal is used for buildings, bridges, roads, cars, trains, ships, aircrafts, factories, manufacturing, furniture, jewellery, accessories, pens, etc

Crude oil for: power, jets, ships, aircrafts, trains, cars, buses, factories, construction sites etc

Food feeds: 7 Billion people daily. Plus birds, animals, insects and the ecosystem

Imagine the Networth and Value to be Created from ALL these..

MAN SITS on Top of Creating this VALUE.

What percentage do you imagine you can have access to?

What solution can you bring as your plug in.

Job was the richest man in the East in his time.

Solomon was the Wealthiest man of ALL time; Yet a GREATER than Solomon is about to Emerge..

What about You and I ?

We NEED Stupid Money to do the Work of God..For His Kingdom shall yet spread abroad through PROSPERITY/WEALTH & RICHES.

I therefore Declare that I am a Greater than a Solomon.

I also Declare that YOU are a Greater than a Solomon.

WE AGREE for this kind of Wealth and Prosperity to Manifest through us.

In Jesus Name