Gd Morn,

When God Speaks He has something He has done or intends to do.


This Month He says is our Time to Be “ENGRACED4DOMINION”.

Its our Season to be EmPOWERed4Dominion.

Testimonies are already rolling in from the “Engraced4Release” program.

Here is another:

I am a dealer in petroleum products and have been in the business for 4 years.
I started this business as a truck manager.

Since 2 years ago I have been trading in little quantities and I have been going to banks for trading lines and they have constantly refused to give me any.

I came for “Engraced4Release” last Sunday and the teaching was on how God EmPOWERS for Wealth through GRACE. I keyed fully into the teaching and received the EmPOWERment for Wealth.

Yesterday, I went directly to the importers of the petroleum products and they made me a direct marketer to receive funds on their behalf without any loan or collateral. Now I don’t need the banks or any trading line again. This can only be God.

Adekunle A

The Next Testimony May be Yours.

There SHALL be a Manifestation of His POWER; For in the days of His POWER His People shall be Willing


“The Catalyst”