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Snippets from my long conversation with Life coach @yomioladunjoye on the truth about your purpose continues today. It was a deep, enlightening and thought provoking discussion with practical takeaways.

Do you know that your pain can be an indication or a clue to the discovery of your purpose?

The events, happenings and incidences in our own lives which bring us to tears helps us become more empathic, sympathetic, compassionate and considerate of others.
Two attributes of purpose are the ability to live because of, and for others.

So what experiences in your past and present life made or makes you cry?

What loss, abuse, lack, failure, etc. has caused you so much pain?

Being truthful with yourself and seeking the solutions to them may just be a journey towards the discovery of your purpose.

According to Robert Brault, “Sometimes in tragedy, we find our life’s purpose”.

Brian Tracy, one of the most prolific self-development speakers worldwide, discovered his purpose for selling through repetitive sales rejection. The moment he overcame the challenge, he made it his purpose to help many other people sell.

Don’t hide or be ashamed of, but acknowledge your pain and give expression to your tears; finding your solution may help you create a solution for several others.

Do you know that your Love for something can be an indication or cue that can point you in the direction of your purpose?

Are there discussions you love to engage in?

Are there thoughts that consume your mind?

Is there a genre of music you listen to or a collection of books/authors that you unconsciously buy and read?

Are there specific courses or classes you are passionate about and attract you all the time?

Are there things that you do for free and when you do them time flies and you forget to eat?

What are you okay to do without a promise of reward?

The things you do unconsciously, naturally and effortlessly can be pointers towards your uniqueness and purpose.

Henry Ford was driven by the idea of making the motor car available and affordable to multitudes of people; he played with the idea that everyone should have a car. Through his love and pursuit, he introduced the world to the motor car assembly line.

Don’t waste your passion and love; you may just be dancing to the rhythm of your purpose.

Do you know that your purpose may be woven into the fabric of your person and personality?

According to coach Yomi, “I Personally sought my life purpose for more than a decade before I realized I was already acting it out daily”.

So you may actually already “be in” or “on the path of” purpose without realising it.

When you buy a brand new Mercedes Benz G63, it arrives with all the features promised by the manufacturer.

As you drive your new G63, you can accelerate up to the 5th gear, play music as you do so, use the sat nav device, etc. which are all features already designed into the vehicle.

As it is with the G63, so it is you; every feature needed for your purpose has already been designed into you.

According to Bill Gates, “I spent my years from age 11-19 thinking about software. And if there is something that I really know (natural to me), it is software”.

Thus your purpose may also be something you may have been expressing unknowingly, because it sometimes revolves around the things natural to you.

Instead of looking for it elsewhere, it may just have been latent within you.

Do you know that your purpose is often people focused? Your purpose is not for you; it is most times for others.
Purpose is service to humanity.

Just look around you and see evidence of purpose being fulfilled.

For example;
Trees do not consume their own leaves or fruits.
Cows do not devour their own flesh.
Cars do not need themselves.
Each creature or creation is meant to serve others.
You are simply created for others, and not self.

Even though you may birth a solution to solve a personal problem, understand that you have inadvertently birthed a solution for mankind.

Don’t hoard it; release it.

Even though we are each unique, we all have similar problems and challenges in life.

Make yourself relevant and significant – Live purposely each day.

My next write up on purpose will be the final conversation with coach Yomi on how to find and fulfill your purpose.


The Catalyst