Today’s pregnancy
She has come again…

Fresh as a spring in summer
As delicate as ever
Floating like a feather in winter
Bearing precious seed of promise!

Is she really pregnant?
Yes! You can bet
She’s bearing seed
Precious seed of promise
Waiting for you to help deliver her baby


Would you watch her die?
Would she float away?
Would she bring forth her child?

Her name is Today and,
She’s yearning for you
Longing for your master’s touch in delivering her seed!

Please don’t let her float away. She may be all we’ve got. For today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present! Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is but hope.

As you help today deliver her seed of promise, may your deeds be favoured and your speeches be engraced.

I believe in you.

fife’s Daily Flavors