What will you do to move your personal or corporate brand to where you really want it to be? D-day is upon us, have you taken the right steps to enable you achieve your desired outcomes? Studies have shown that 85% of life’s success is dependent on Emotional Intelligence, have you registered for the Emotional Brand Master Class yet? This event, “The Power of Emotions: Using Positive Emotions to Build Your Brand” is guaranteed to teach you how taking charge of your emotions can help you maximize your individual or corporate brand.
2b2fdfeHuman beings are ruled by their emotions and if you can master this for yourself and others, you will always succeed. Often times, people will connect with or patronize your brand based on some type of emotions you can evoke in them.
Nobel Prize winning psychologist, Daniel Kahneman, found that people would rather do business with a person they like and trust rather than someone they don’t, even if the likeable person is offering a lower quality product or service at a higher price. With this in mind, rather than focus on just IQ (responsible for 15% of life’s success), you ought to invest in improving  your Emotional, Moral Intelligence and Body Intelligence (Take The Catalyst CQ Test HERE and see how  your score). These concepts are fresh to the African market and will ultimately position your brand as a pioneer.
EBMCEmotional Branding however, requires the right tools and methodologies and this is what the workshop brings to the fore – a holistic approach with Brand Strategist, Charles O’Tudor; Star Actress, Dakore Akande, Former WIMBIZ Chair, Osayi Alile , Life & Business Design Strategist, Steve Harris and my humble self, The Catalyst.
The event will focus on four focal areas; How to Use your Emotions,How to understand The Power of Psychological & Emotional Branding with a perspective on the future of personal and corporate branding, Deadly Emotions and How to Overcome Them and lastly, Women and their Emotions – A Liability or an Asset?

A major part of the event will be a special 2-3 hours of hands-on group and one- on-one therapy sessions handled by a team of Certified Life Coaches and Therapists after every talk. This section is designed to further provide personalised solutions for attendees with emotional challenges.

If you care about your business, career and brand; you ought to be there. VISIT www.the-ultimatewoman.com for more details and to initiate your registration NOW.

Event Details

Date: Saturday 27th February, 2016 // Time: 10am

Venue: The Lekki Coliseum

Fees: N15,000 only (Corporate discounts available)

Bank Details: 0046488619, Olusola Lanre, Access Bank

Register: www.the-ultimatewoman.com , registration@olcang.com. info@olcang.com. Call 08077077000 or 08055151504 for enquiries