Gd Morn,

In Wrapping up GRACE/AGAPE;

I have come to realise that we are ALL Products and Recipients of God’s GRACE.

This Kind of GRACE Is however Not Earned; It Excludes merit.

We must constantly remind ourselves that humanity is not deserving of this GRACE for our Salvation.

No one can “earn” pardon by works of human merit.

If such were the case, we could boast regarding our redemption; however, that is impossible
~Eph 2:8-9.

It happened while we were yet Sinners…. So what did we actually do for Christ to lay down His Life for us?

We didn’t even know when and why until the Concept of GRACE for Salvation was revealed to us.

Our sins as humans, have put us head-over-heels in debt, and no person has the innate ability to liquidate that obligation
~ Matthew 18:24-27.

As we Truly Grasp this Concept of GRACE, Service to Almighty God will flow with a Freshness and Zeal that Invigorates our Spirit and Soul.

Doubtless a failure to fathom the true significance of GRACE is the reason many church members are spiritually lethargic.

Wake up and Smell the Coffee…Its not by Works but By GRACE; For we are “Saved by GRACE through Faith.”
~Eph 2:8

IF GRACE Saved us; it is GRACE that Will Sustain and Keep us.

Lord I Embrace Your GRACE by Revelation and Faith this morning; NOW I Know that You are the Beginning; the In-between and the End
If it can save me, then I Believe that Your GRACE Works on and for me in ALL other things. I therefore Activate it NOW.


“The Catalyst”