Gd morn,


What is GOD to You?

Who is GOD to you?

To What do you Relate GOD?

To Who do you Relate GOD?

In What form does GOD Exist to You?

Is GOD a; Man. Thing. Flower. Spirit. Cow. Statue/idol ?

Where is GOD?

Is GOD; There. Here. Everywhere. No where ?


To Some GOD is a HIGHER POWER out There

Is there a Higher Power or a God out THERE?

Why did HE create us?

What is the meaning GOD ?

What does it all mean ?

This GOD; This LIFE; This YOU ?

Life is an unending spiritual quest, filled with many encounters and questions.

If this Higher Power called GOD were to show HIMSELF, will many of our questions be answered.

But without questions, might that take some of the excitement out of our daily search, quest to achieve and meaning to life?

This world after all is designed to be a place of free choice.

This GOD has Given unto us ALL things that pertain to Life and GODliness

The more clearly God is manifest in our world, the less we can ignore HIS Presence.

His choice not to manifest himself in itself is a Gift for us human beings to be able to choose our own Life Experience(s) along the Path of our Destiny.

Man and God can be One you Know !!

Meaning this Higher Power THERE can Actually be HERE With; Within and For You.

God is Everything.
God is Everywhere.
God is ALL Power.
God is KNOWING of; KNOWN to; KNOWS ALL things.
God is “Ever Present”.
God is GREAT.
Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the World.
God no Longer dwells in Temples or Buildings made with mortar and brick but now dwells in our bodies as we are the New Temples of the Holy Spirit

DECIDING Who God is; What God is; Where God is; How God is to You….Determines How you Relate with Him and colours your ACCESS to EVERYTHING.


“The Catalyst”