Gd morn,


This piece spoke to me personally Yesterday.


Do you BOW to IDOLS or do IDOLS BOW to you?


What is an IDOL?
A Person or thing that is Loved and Admired VERY MUCH, above others.
A Statue that is Worshipped as a god.
Who or What is your own IDOL?
Your spouse - husband, wife; Children - son, daughter; 
your pastor, money, power, fame, your boss, 
shango, ogun, food, drugs, alcohol, sex etc.

 Thus saith the ALMIGHTY:


"You SHALL have no 'OTHER' gods 'BEFORE' me"

~Ex 20:3


"The Most High God(The Creator of Everything) does not live in
houses built by mans hands (I.e Even CHURCH Buildings)

~Acts 7:48 - Acts 17:24


"YOU are NOW The TEMPLE of the Spirit of God; GOD Dwells Within YOU"


According to my Brother Tonye Cole;


It is therefore an aberration or anomaly that YOU; The 'ONLY' Creation
of GOD ALMIGHTY Fashioned and Crafted in HIS DIVINE Image and Likeness; 
Should Belittle the God in YOU and Subject HIM and Yourself to idols i.e other gods.....


"My people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge (Ignorance)"..God says ~

~Hosea 4:6


Ignorance is man's Greatest Destroyer.....




Brings us into bondage

Makes us vulnerable to things we have no business worrying about

Weakens us

Makes us surrender our authority, rights and power to others

Subjects us to abuse and oppression


IF we are Truly;


Created in God's Image and Likeness

The Temple of His Spirit

Reconciled to the Father through Christ Operating with His Authority
and Power Carriers of His Divine Presence 


Then Isn't this God, who is For us; With us and In us; Above ALL Things created?


There is no God before Him, nor is there any after Him.


He is the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.


Everything is Subject to Him; His Word; His Name.


It is "ONLY" In His Presence; BEFORE HIM, that ALL Things MUST bow


It is therefore a pity and foolishness of the highest order, to see YOU
whom God has invested so much of Himself in; Bowing down in fear and
 trembling to what is beneath your status. 


You MUST Understand and Accept who you are.


You are Divine.


You are God's Master Piece on Earth; His Representative and Ambassador.


Step into your Rightful Place and Act who you are.


You are the CAPTAIN of your own ship.


COMMAND your Morning..


BE......BElieve and Live.




I Speak Positively over my life and my household.

The Love of God Secures a Great Future for us and Comforts
us through every situation in life. 

God is with me; God is For me; God is in me.

His Mighty Presence is my Shield and Buckler.

I Carry His Power, Strength, Wisdom, Honour, Glory,
Riches and Blessing Upon, With and Within me.

I am Worthy Because the Lamb is Worthy.

God's Love Can and Will Never be Separate from Me; We are One.

I am the Apple of God's Eye.

He Daily Watches over me.

He Rules in my affairs every moment.


I REST in the Knowledge of His Loving Kindness.

I am Happy Always.

I have Divine Protection.

I am in the Company of Innumerable Angels who Stand Guard over me.

They Daily Minister unto me.

I am hidden in the hollow of the hand of the ALMIGHTY.

His LOVE is Made Perfect in me.

I have found PEACE in the shadow of His wings.

I drink from His streams of Joy and I rejoice Always in Him.

My God is my King.

He is my Lord; my Shepherd; my Source and my Father

I have an Eternal Heritage and Inheritance in Him.

I am Kept and Jealously Guarded.

My Life is Precious and Hid in Him.

He gives men up for my soul.

I am the Light of the World; a city set on a hill;
my Glory is Constantly Revealed.

I am the Salt of the Earth.

I Constantly Live Purposefully to Season and Positively Transform Lives.

My soul is Preserved; I Prosper; I walk in Divine Health.

My body is the Temple of God.

I have Divine Understanding, Insight and Knowledge.

I am a Custodian of His Divine Presence.

I Have Presence and Stature.

My mind is Fruitful.

I have the mind of Christ.

I Operate in the Class of Divinity.

I See as God Sees.

I Hear and Heed ONLY God's Voice, Instructions and Direction

My Heart is in Sync with the Heart of God.

I Love as God Loves; What God Loves.

I Hate as God Hates; What God Hates.

My Hand Prospers Everything it Touches.

I Walk upon my High places, Constantly Above only.

My path Shines Brighter and Brighter Towards the Perfect Day.

I am a Child of Promise.

I am Created in His Image and After His Likeness.

I am Seated With Christ at the Right Hand of God,
 in the Heavenly Places.. Far Above ALL principalities, 
powers, rulers of the darkness of this age, 
spiritual host of wickedness in high places.

I am a Spirit Being, with a Soul living in an earthly body.

I Have Dominion as Mandated in the Days of Creation.

I Daily Live and Operate as an Ambassador from Heaven.

I have Overcome the World and the ruler of this world.

I am Powerful beyond human measure.

I Attract Success.

I have Good Success.

I am Significant.

I am the Blessed of God.

In Jesus name. 



"The Catalyst"