What is your Self-Perception Quotient (S.P.Q)? How do you see yourself relative to others? In line with our boost your dose of DOSE series, today’s tip says you can boost your oxytocin levels and increase your immunity against depression and suicide by improving your self perception in social situations.

What will you score yourself below? Find your own S.P.Q SPOT (Between Nos 1-8) as we unveil our S.P.Q Spectrum from the Highest to the Lowest end.  In comparison to others, in the area of your character, achievements, core competencies and personal skills, do you feel that you are:

Outstanding – 8 Points
Excellent – 7 Points
Very Good – 6 Points
Good – 5 Points
Average – 4 Points
Just Okay – 3 Points
Bad – 2 Points
Very Poor – 1 Point

Self Perception is the way we see, hear, become aware of ourselves relative to others and things around us. Your Self Perception Quotient reveals exactly how you rate yourself, based on how you see and judge yourself relative to others.

  1. When you think about yourself, relative to others what do you think of the most? Is it ALWAYS Positive, Neutral or Negative?
  2. When you see yourself, what or who do you see? Do you see yourself as someone you accept or as someone you want to change?
  3. How do your think you look or are beside others? What do you imagine people think about you, when they see you?

All of the above questions give you an accurate assessment of your Self Perception Quotient.

Overall, is it Mostly Positive, Neutral or Negative? If it is Negative or Neutral, reach out to a Life Coach now at CoachME.lifexone.org and get coached for FREE in the area of your SPQ.

You need help if you’re in social settings and you constantly berate yourself, feel judged  and picture people ridiculing you, because these are signs of very Low SPQ.


Here are a few tips on how to improve your Self Perception Quotient (SPQ)

• Identify the negative perceptions you have of yourself

• Challenge yourself and step outside your negative zone

• Replace those negative thoughts with positive empowering thoughts

• Identify, magnify and focus ONLY on your good qualities and strengths

• Know that you are unique. Therefore, accept and love yourself just the way you are

• Compliment yourself regularly and be grateful for your little and mighty achievements as well as your life

Many people FAIL in life simply because they have very Low SPQ.

BEaWARE: “What you think about and how you see yourself is a Self Fulfilling PROPHESY, it will MANIFEST for SURE” – The Catalyst


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