I am Grateful for Breath and Life
I Arise and Shine
I am Aware of my Essence
I know who I am.
I am Beautiful, Charming, Gifted and Bold.
I am Worth More than Pearls, Diamond and RUBIES.
I am Compassionate, Selfless, Generous, Kind and Trustworthy. 
I am Prudent, Patient, and Responsible.
I am Resilient, Persistent and Diligent
I am Sensitive and Humble.
I am a Home Builder and Keeper

I have Wisdom, Discretion, Discernment and Understanding.
I Sense, I See and I Seize Every Opportunity.
I Make the Right Choices Always
I am Ready for a Great Future.
I am Enterprising, Productive and Prosperous 
Everything I Touch Increases in Value.
I Excel in ALL that I do.
I Live my Dreams and Vision Purposefully.
I Enjoy and Live Every Moment in Love and at Peace
  I see Good in ALL Things.

                                                               I am Content and Satisfied.
                                                    I Deeply Enjoy my Life and Relationships.
                                                      I Love ALL and I am Loved by ALL.
                                     I Experience a Wholesome Life Balance and Personal Power.
                                                             I Respect and Honour myself.
                                                   I therefore Attract Only Respect and Honour
                                                                   I Live a Life of Dignity.
                                         I have TRUE Happiness, Peace, Tranquillity and Joy.
                                                            I am Confident and Passionate.
                                                               I am Secure and Fulfilled.
                                                     I am Beautiful, I am Free, and I am Alive.
                                                         My Price is Far ABOVE RUBIES
                                                        I am The Ultimate Virtuous Woman.
                                           I Live to Love and I Love to Live; Today and Everyday