I am Successful.
I look for and find opportunities where others see nothing.
I am a lifetime learner.
I am solution focused
I see only solutions
I am a solution.
I unconsciously, consciously and methodically create my own success.
I permit myself to be successful
I am Bold and Courageous.
I ask the right questions
I get the right answers
I am constantly in a positive spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical state
I am Always Grateful and Thankful
I am in Charge of my Life
I Take Full Responsibility for my Actions and Outcomes.
I Daily Maximize my Potential
My Gifts daily work and produce for me
I Effortlessly Succeed
I use what I have Effectively to Create what I want.
I am Successful, Productive and Proactive.
I align myself with Successfull, Like-minded people.
I have a Vision.
I know my Purpose.
I have a Success Plan for my life.
I Pursue and Fulfil this Plan daily.
I have Clarity and Certainty about what I want.
I know where I am going and how to get there
I daily walk my path to greatness
I am Innovative, Creative and Dynamic.
I take the right action at the right time
I am Practical, Down-to-earth and Real.
I am a master of my emotions, feelings, thoughts, perceptions, words, beliefs and behaviour.
My Success Goals align with my Values and Beliefs
I take my chances when my opportunity comes
I am a Good, Effective and Inspirational Communicator.
I am Extraordinarily Successful
I am Special and Unique
I am Authentic and Original
I have Value
I create Value
I am Valued
I do my Best at all times
I have the Spirit of Excellence
I am Balanced
I have Tranquility and Peace
I am Full of Joy
I Love what I do and I do what I Love
I am Fulfilled and Content
I have ALL Resources I need to Succeed
I have Self Control
I am Prudent and Disciplined
I make more money than I spend
I have a Healthy Self worth
I am Self Confident
I Love myself and others
I am Kind, Empathic and Compassionate
I am Selfless and Generous
I am fit mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually
I am Healthy and Well
I am Happy
I am Humble
I am Grateful even for my mistakes
I am Adaptable and I embrace change.
I am Hardworking, Committed and Diligent
I am Persistent, Resilient and Purpose Driven
I am Open to all feedback
I act on all Relevant feedback.
I hang around Good, Wise, Positive, Successful and God fearing people
I am a pathfinder and trail blazer
I am comfortable with my own company.
I set and live by high standards.
I embrace and learn from failure
I adjust and use it to my benefit
I know how to relax
I enjoy what I have in my life
I have fun regularly.
I am a spiritual Being with a mind and emotions living in an earth suit
I daily have human experiences
I am in tune with my spirituality and divinity
I have a healthy and positive Identity
I create my world
All things work together for me
The universe conspires on my behalf
I Create my own fate, destiny, chance and luck.
I am focused
I am an overcomer
I am a super achiever
I finish everything I start.
I am Successful.


“The Catalyst”