Gd Morn,

Don’t live like a fool….

Still on the Subconscious

Whether you like it or not; Whether you know it or not; Your Subconscious controls 90% of everything you do.

Music and Smell do not Need your Permission to Invade, Influence and Infect your System.

No wonder if you sit in a place where they play music, it Affects your Mood, the Louder and Clearer the music the more its Impact.

Before you know it you Unconsciously begin to move, hum and/or sing along with the music.

Talk about Influence and control.

What did you Consciously do here.

Hours later you even catch yourself singing “KPAKURUMO” in church

Researchers also say that

Smell plays a strong role in our motion choices even without us knowing.

Have you noticed that female room mates bodies naturally synchronise their menstrual cycles because the subconscious perception of a particular odor triggers their endocrine system.

Smell can powerfully elicit images, feelings and trigger actions unconsciously.

Smell is an incredible window to the Subconscious.

How can you really Appreciate, Develop & Use ALL your Senses as the Window into Activating the Unlimited Power of your Subconscious.
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