Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal

This article was inspired from my recent article on “Defeating Your Greatest Enemy”. Someone asked me a question on twitter regarding Rafael Nadal and how injury seems to be his greatest enemy.

I thought to make my answer general so everyone can benefit. Like I always say, most of the change you need to make have to begin from the inside out. In the year 2001, Rafael Nadal, a bright eyed passionate teenage Spaniard entered the tennis scene to give Roger Federer a run for his money and became one of the toughest all time athlete in any sport.

We all thought he would eclipse Federer’s 17 Grand Slam Titles in no time and rightly so. However, one thing has held Nadal back from this feat, his BODY. From top to bottom, Nadal’s body has been uncooperative.

Nadal will be skipping the US Open for the second time in three years. He did not enter the US Open in 2012, part of an extended absence because of a problem with his left knee. These are just some of his injuries and sometimes, he  had to play through pain.

This will be the second time Nadal failed to try to defend a Grand Slam title. A year after winning Wimbledon in 2008, he chose to not enter that tournament, citing knee tendinitis. Since 2006, Nadal has missed five Major Slams due to injury.

From my work as a psychologist and therapist, I can tell you that Rafael Nadal’s injuries (and yours) are not just physical. Like Emotions, Dis-eases have their own MorphicFields.

Fields of Disease

Different Emotions operate at different Vibrational levels or Frequencies and Create Fields that they exist in.These Fields are called Morphic Fields and are radiated from and through the heart.

Many Dis-ease Morphic Fields are similar (in Feeling) to or associated with specific Emotional Morphic Fields. And these two Morphic Fields (Dis-ease and Emotions) are directly associated with Specific Beliefs.

The Body – Mind Connection

According to Darwinian Model of Science:  Before the latest approach to Medicine, the body was viewed as a machine that could break down and a device that carries the head around.  Pharmaceutical companies over the years, have unsuccessfully tried to debunk The Body – Mind Connection”, their theory is based on seeing and fighting dis-ease as an enemy with medication, giving no room for suggestions that thoughts and beliefs could affect health.


Today Based on Scientific evidence, Medical Doctors,Researchers, Cell Biologists are now, singing a new song.  They now know that;   “95% of Dis-eases are caused by Stress and 100% of Stress is caused by Wrong Beliefs” – Dr Bruce H. Lipton.

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a Medical Doctor, World Renowned Cell Biologist, and Author of ‘The Biology of BeliefBecause of this discovery (that has transformed the medical industry), he won the GOI Peace prize award in 2009. The 2008 award winner was Bill Gates

“80-90% of health challenges are preventable and accounts for approximately 90% of healthcare costs, on individuals, organizations and nations, while about 95% of this is stress-related” ~W.H.O

In the case of Raphael Nadal’s latest and recurrent injuries with his Wrist and Knee respectively, I will like to be a lot more specific about the root causes of these injuries:

Knee/Ankle Joint:

Root Belief and Perception Causes;

For a Man, if the Dis-ease Problem Persists with the Right Knee and Ankle the Above root causes are conflicts with a woman. If the Dis-ease problem persists with the Left Knee and Ankle the Above Root causes are conflicts with a man. And it is exactly so for a woman.


Root Belief and Perception Causes;

So, Nadal needs to listen to the “CONSISTENT CRY FOR HELP by his body, he needs to change something within his environment. The change required is in relations to someone and/or something.  If  by any chance Rafael Nadal reads this, he would feel as though his mind were invaded because these things are true.

It may also be a CRITICAL Belief, Thought, Emotion, Perception, Reaction, Words and Values. He may also need to change his diet, physiotherapist, training pattern, check his relationship, change his current coach or maybe get a life coach!

Read This Testimonial: 

Odun Onadipe – BGL H.R Manager

“I’ve had a chronic back ache around my lower spinal cord for years now and medically, I seem to have exhausted all possible remedies; I have done various X-rays and seen bone specialists, done physiotherapy, yet the pain persisted and it kept returning despite the pain relievers and physiotherapy.

Working with Lanre, we began to relate my chronic back pains to some unresolved emotional issues I had in the past. I found that shocking, considering the fact that I have gone through some really trying times, I felt I needed to check if that might be related to the persistent backache I had been experiencing.

This prompted me to request for a therapy session and the result was……..unbelievable!
I was in shock when the therapy was over (within 1 hour) and I instantly felt ‘light’. Days and weeks followed and no pains, then months……still no pain! Absolutely amazing!” –  Odun Onadipe – BGL H.R Manager

This applies to you too, once your body is crying out for help, please listen to it and make the Intelligent Decision to make the Changes required within your Environment ESPECIALLY in line with your Thoughts, Perceptions, Emotions, Beliefs, Words, Values and Reactions etc.

Talk to us (info@olcang.com, 08077077000) if you need to get to the root cause of your pain.

Have an injury free life! 

The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola