Relationship is a need; there is absolutely nothing that you can achieve by yourself. The valley of the people around you (your network) determines the value of your net-worth. Career advancement is as much about WHO you know as WHAT you know—and that’s exactly why being a powerful networker is so important.

But mastering this important skill requires more than just schmoozing over finger foods, small talk and exchanging business cards. There’s actually an art to it. Successful people know more successful people and that is why they are successful, if you want to be wise, you have to hang with the wise.

Networking goes far beyond shaking hands, introducing yourself and being seen. It’s about presence, integrity and having a vision that transcends individuals’ goals; bringing ideas and people together that would have otherwise never crossed paths. Be able to add value to each other’s lives and you will get value.

Knowing the smartest people in the market and having close enough relationships with them and having put in sufficient time helping these people makes it easy for you to call in favors whenever you want.

On  this episode of THE INTERVIEW, Paul Foh and I discuss on why relationship and networking is so crucial to your success in business and professional career. WATCH it and get all the knowledge you need for this net top level