love 3Gd Morn,

TRUE LOVE is the World’s Greatest FORCE.

This Very POWERFUL thing called TRUE LOVE IF Embraced with ALL Your Heart, Will and Strength, Can;

Re-awaken and Rejuvenate You.

Activate ALL the Power and Positive Energy that Lies Dormant within you.

Inspire and Motivate you to BE Patient, Kind, Compassionate, Empathic, Forgiving, Selfless and ALL You Were Created to BE.

Reconnect You with the ALMIGHTY God and Your Own True Essence.

Empower You to do ALL things Good, Great and Significant.

Set You Free BE You.

As you whisper I accept TRUE LOVE into my heart Now… and Consciously Embrace TRUE LOVE Today… May Everything in Your Life be Right, Excellent, Pure, Lovely, Admirable, Noble and True In Jesus Name. AMEN.

Get busy being Love-Able and ALL Love-Able Things and People will FIND You.


“The Catalyst”