In a large city like Lagos where there seems to be crazy traffic congestion there are very serious short, medium and long term consequences and implications on the Economy, Environment, Businesses, People and entire Ecosystem.


Lagos is the 3rd most stressful city in the world after Afghanistan and Syria (2 war torn cities ravaged by war and terrorism). All things being equal, Lagos is actually the MOST STRESSFUL City in the world.

85% to 95% of Dis-Ease is caused by STRESS. The Dis-Ease epidemic in Lagos State, if care and action are not taken to address key stressors like traffic congestion will be very serious. Today, many marriages are breaking up because couples are too irritated, frustrated and stressed out to care.

The rate of sadness, unhappiness, and depression has increased astronomically. Traffic congestion affects all aspects of an individual’s personal life, career, future and even safety. Only approximately 9% of the workforce in Lagos are fully engaged, present and productive at work. In Lagos, most commuters spend averagely 6-8 hours in traffic daily. People wake up daily at 4am and do not get back home till 11pm. So what time would they have for their family, or to relax? By the time they get home they are drained psychologically, emotionally, mentally and physically and the same goes for when they arrive at the office after being in traffic for hours.

Traffic creates wear and tear on the car, the roads, the individuals and the environment. Pollution starts to kill people slowly, as they daily inhale fumes from lorries, trucks and car exhausts. Irritation, frustration, anger, and road rage become the order of the day. Bus and truck drivers have no choice but to depend on substances and hard drugs to cope and keep up their emotional, psychological and physical energy levels.

The irony is that Lagos State is surrounded by water which means that water transport for commuting and the movement of heavy goods and services ought to be a no-brainer.

This makes you wonder if the people in government have human compassion or if the Lagos state government receives good counsel. I shared this on my Instagram page and a lot of opinions were shared. Below are some remarks:

1.     From Sparkless: I actually love your last statement Sir ‘I wonder who actually advises Governor Ambode’ that is what we always ask ourselves every day. Just yesterday, a tanker fell along Jakande Estate axis, towards the NNPC depot at Ejigbo, at Isolo in Lagos. This happened because the driver entered a sharp bend at high speed. Thank God the tanker was empty and no lives were lost else we would have had another Berger incident again. Traffic was standstill for hours, and it took LRU 2hours to lift the Tanker. I always wonder how these drivers are screened and authorized to drive these trucks. We need good leaders with the right mindset, integrity and intelligence for a New Nigeria.

2.     From Joy Azumara: Sir, where do I even start?! WHERE?!!! I live in Festac and EVERYWHERE is a mess!!! The two alternatives to get out of Festac (Alakija and Mile 2) are a complete mess thanks to trailers that are parked on the road for weeks without end! To make it worse, the trailers completely block the roads (meaning there is no lane for cars to pass; NONE) without warning. 2nd rainbow axis is completely blocked, all the way from Cele to AFTER mile two. Cars CANNOT come out. Going home is a problem, going to work is a problem! The only saving grace in all this is God. Who keeps us sane and keeps us positive. The government cannot continue to do nothing. My prayer is that the government officials connected to this will not see peace or sleep until this is resolved. Ayoritao said: strong point though, these costs can never equate the long term decline in one’s health, life span and other priorities. Work is for the living and healthy and am sure if these organizations are interested, they could find ways around it, like providing data bonus/allowance and reduce transportation allowance.

3.     From Abayomi Akanji: Some time ago, I was imagining the rate at which Lagos traffic affect the sales of fuel at the filling stations. Traffic increases the sales of fuel, hence, increase in revenue. The government would have to be intentional about the issue considering the fact that people make money off it.

4.     From Okeariyibi: Sir you are a God sent. I stay in the mile 2 axis of Lagos and last week was a nightmare. Our lives are at risk from truck drivers almost parking at our door posts, a one way express way turned into a dual carriage by force. Danfo drivers being uncivil. It was the height of chaos on our road then couple with being told to be at my PVC center by 4am to begin the process of getting my Permanent Voters Card. It is frustrating. In all this I just said a heartfelt prayer to God to help us in this state because nobody cares in government

5.     From Tolulope: We bask in the now saying Lagos is the most industrial state in Nigeria whereas we are gradually killing people. An average Lagosian is stressed and on the edge. I pray nothing aggravates the anger level because it would be really catastrophic @akinwunmiambode please hear our cry and do something whilst you can

Let your voice be heard, we cannot keep living this way, share your own experiences in the comments. Go to my Instagram page @lanreolusola, to read more on this and share so more people, and hopefully the government can see it and take action.

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