Gd Morn,

“The Just Shall Live by his Faith”
~Habbakuk 2:4

“With fear and panic, you can’t make great decisions. Everything we want is on the other side of fear”
~Dr. Farray Gray

“Without Faith It is Impossible to please God”
~Heb 11:6

He was a fulfilled medical doctor with an expectant lovely wife. It was just a month to due date when a scan showed that their baby will be born without brains. The scan showed that while the baby had mouth, eyes, nose and indeed all the features a baby, it had a 5cm cyst in its 8cm brain.
Other doctors recommended an abortion because they BELIEVED the baby will be a liability to the world– worse than an animal, worse than a vegetable.
The father REFUSED to consider their advice. He is a Christian.
He RESIGNED his job. He GOT himself a bible, bible-based materials, healing books and tapes from his wife’s pastor, as well as an abacus.
He LOCKED himself up with God and STARTED changing the baby’s situation on his KNEES.
He will RECITE “BY THE STRIPES OF JESUS OUR DAUGHTER (WAS HEALED)”300 times daily for 30 days while the wife did the same for 100 times daily for 30 days using the abacus.
He had a DEADLINE.
He needed a mind-blowing miracle in 30 days!!!
At delivery time, they RELOCATED to another city where the woman gave birth to the child.
The father TESTIFIED that as soon as he looked into the eyes of the pinky baby, he SAW an intelligent child with full faculties.
That baby should be 12 years old this year and has been topping her class since she started school.
No medical doctor in America had been able to reconcile the scan before the baby was born and the one after.
What do you want from God Today?
~story by Ikalone