journeyGd Morn,

“On the journey called Life i walk down the aisle to my own stage of life”.

My eyes beam with a smile so bright, from the Light of Divine Love and Hope.

The Law of kindness rules my heart.
I judge my world through the eyes of Love.
I Live for purpose and choose to serve.
I am wired for support and compassion to all humanity.
My life is a gift to my world.
I lavishly pour it onto every path I thread.
Unafraid to live and be vulnerable yet I remain stable
I give of all of me, drawing all of me, from the power source within me.

As I stand like a beacon in the night, I beam with Light, Tranquillity, Peace, Joy, and Love Divine;

I am now FREE to Live to Love and to Love to Live, every day



“The Catalyst”