Did you attend the Emotional Brand Master Class? If you live in Lagos state and your answer is NO, how did you miss this one of a kind event? The 27th of February 2016, saw for the very first time, the Emotional Brand Master Class which was organized by  The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola and Brand Strategist, Charles O’Tudor at the Lekki Coliseum, Lekki.

The highly anticipated Master Class which was moderated by Life Design & Business Strategist, Steve Harris, was titled “The Power of Emotions: Using Positive emotions to build your brand”. 


The Speakers

Alongside Lanre Olusola and Charles O’Tudor, Star Actress Dakore Akande and Former WIMBIZ Chairperson, Osayi Alile led individual sessions at the program.  If you missed any of these empowering and knowledgeable sessions, search the official hashtag of the day, #EBMC01 to read up.

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Charles O'Tudor during his session    HRC_1247



The People  









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Practical Exercise at the Deadly Emotions Session – Participants were asked to list the names of people who hurt them and what they did. In the end, everyone tore their lists letting go of the hurt and unforgiveness

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The Performances:

To break off from the monotony of talk, there were special performances at strategic points of the program. Performances were by Arole the Comedian, Wale Sax, Ebele the Flutist, Indie Soul Artiste, Paula.B and Dorothy O’ Tudor who earned applauses from the audience.

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The 1st half of the event ended in love and lots of hugs in a session led by The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola .

The Emotional Brand Master Class broke into one-on-one coaching, mini-group coaching and therapy sessions with certified coaches and therapists who were on ground to tackle the specific needs of participants at the event.

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What People Are Saying – REVIEWS

A lot of reviews have come in but here are just a few.


On behalf all the people that came with me. We say thank you so much for the opportunity to TEAR out past hurt, pain and trash our unforgiving spirit. It’s simply priceless! It was a deliverance without laying of hands.  And personally sir,I’ll really like to volunteer for any other program or event coming up next. Thank you sir! – Peter Akinola


Greetings The Catalyst, We appreciate you putting together an awesome & glorious event. We were truly blessed by the brilliant speakers and their words of wisdom. God knows we needed to hear many of the words spoken and we need to be surrounded by that sort of energy more frequently this year. Please Sir, join me in applauding my God sent girlfriend for our attendance as a Valentine’s day gift to me. I am truly blessed to be with someone who sees the importance of an event like EBMC01  – Olu Ogunlela 


You know when my daughter saw me when I got home from #EBMC she said mummy why do you look so relaxed? Did you get a massage?  I asked why and she said you are in a good mood where did you go? What did you do? I realized then that letting go of those who I thought offended me and the hugs were truly the highlight for me. I literally felt lighter”- Yetty Williams


Special thanks to our partners, supporters, coaches and participants; without you, this wouldn’t have been possible!

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By Lanre Olusola’s Team 

Photos by Solomon King Photography – 08166859996