Gd morn,

There are 5 Dimensions of Power.

Spiritual Power (Invisible and Indomitable))
Mind/Emotional (Invisible and Intangible)
Physical (Visible and tangible)
Social/Political Power
Financial Power

The Most POWERFUL POWER (FORCES) in the universe are the invisible ones.

These FORCES when understood can be directed and be used for good or bad depending on the intentions of the controller.

Great FORCES such as gravity, wind, water, light and sound etc, are SUBJECT to the most POWERFUL of ALL FORCES After GOD the POWER of human Spirit and Mind (The Subconscious).

The Human Spirit and Mind has Mastered most of the other invisible forces and great things have come from this mastery.

Electricity, Internal combustion engines, the telephone or cell phone.

What is deplorable is that many especially in Africa shay away from getting trained in the use of this POWER of the Spirit and Mind.

The human Spirit and Mind has the POWER to Create and Destroy.

Religion attempts to control the Engagement and Use of the Human Spiritual and Mind Power.

IF we have been BLESSED with it then why can’t we Exploit, Engage and Use it?

To Master of World and Take Dominion we MUST Learn how to master our Spiritual and Mind POWER as our very Existence and Manifestations depend upon it.

It is our Individual responsibility to Discover your own Personal POWER for with each Person the Degree and Dynamics of POWER Vary.

Find your POWER Truth.

“Positive Belief in Yourself will give you the POWER needed to Conquer the world and this Belief is the POWER behind ALL Creation.”
~ Stephen Richards

Start Here:

I Believe in Myself.
I am Confident in Myself.
I Have Personal Power
I Accept My Personal Power
I take Dominion of my World
The Universe Responds Positively to me.


“The Catalyst”