Using his DAME model, the Catalyst delivers Optimal Living in 5 Critical Steps:


  1. IDENTITY: First the Catalyst helps you; Discover Who and What you are; Become the Solution you were created to be; Connect with the problem you were born to solve. Thereby attaining the highest level of Significance and Value here on earth. Our IDENTITY Sessions Re-introduces you to your Authentic and Original Self while helping you build a healthy Self-Worth, Self-Confidence, Self-Belief and Self-Assurance.
  2. VISION: Together we will Create your Life Vision and the Essence for your Existence. Without a Life Vision Life, itself has no real meaning and direction. Your Life Vision give you clarity and becomes the Compass that points you the direction of your True North. Our VISION Sessions give you Safety, Comfort and Peace.
  3. AWARENESS & INSIGHT: The next stage in our process is to help you discover your strengths, core values, weaknesses, negative, limiting and disempowering beliefs, psychological and emotional blockages, behavioural and habitual patterns, programs and paradigms that you need to unlearn and change. With our AWARENESS & INSIGHT sessions, you start to feel like you’re back in charge and better equipped to focus on your Locus of Control.
  4. ACTION: Without taking the right action at the right time success is an Illusion. At this stage, we work with you to create a bespoke roadmap to get you to from where you currently are to where you desire, deserve and are designed to be faster than you can all by yourself. Our ACTION sessions get you moving consistently and rapidly towards your True North.
  5. The catalyst’s ITC signature gives your personal power as it helps you learn, evolve, grow, master and daily skilfully use our range of Integrative Life Transforming tools from the practices of Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Psychodynamics, Coaching etc., to take full control of your life, career, relationships, environment and events around you. Our MASTERY sessions give you the well-deserved feeling of Life Autonomy, when you can rightfully say that NOBODY and NOTHING else but YOU is seated, in the DRIVING SEAT of your own DESTINY.

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