Gd morn,

The Sermon on the Mount Mathew 5-7, was the longest sermon Jesus preached, in these chapters He describes the characteristics of people who seek to become Successful, he called them the BeAtitudes.
Success is a Manifestation of being Blessed.

Jesus says that Blessed are those who desire, develop and live out these characteristics.

The word BEATITUDE comes from the Latin word BEATUS, which means Blessed.
So we know straight away that this Message is about how God Blesses people, and what you need to put in place to receive these Blessings.
The beatitudes should guide us, point us in the right direction, teach us, and show us the values and characteristics of Successful People.

Beatitude 1 – Identified in vs 3
You are Blessed and Successful; If you realize that you are poor IN SPIRIT and Know that you therefore Need God and MUST Develop an Intimate and Personal Relationship with Him. 
God will ‘ONLY’ Bless those that, He Knows.
Isn’t that your default mode also? The people that Benefit most from you are those who are closest to you.
Do you recognize that you daily fall short of what God wants you to be?
Do we know how unworthy we are to receive God’s Love, Grace, Mercy, Favour and Forgiveness?
Or is our Attitude such that we take ALL these for Granted?
Which one amongst us was not Given everything he or she has?
The things that matter the most were Gifts from God and without them you’re TRULY POOR; Such things like LIFE, FAMILY AND PEOPLE. What can you do or achieve in life without them?
An Example of being poor in spirit – Luke 18:9-14.
The story of a Pharisee and the tax collector.
The Pharisee believed that, he was completely righteous and looked down on everybody else.
This Pharisee stood up in the temple and thanked God that he was not a thief, a liar or a cheat like the tax collector who was also at the temple.
He boasted to God that he fasts twice a week and always gives a tenth of his earnings to God.
Also the tax collector stood at a distance, feeling unworthy to look up to heaven.
The tax collector said, “God, please have mercy on me, for I am nothing but a sinner.”
The Pharisee did not recognize his faults but the tax collector recognized his need for God and for forgiveness.
The tax collector’s Attitude is a Practical Example of being poor in spirit.
Do not let Spiritual Pride get in the way of you realizing your need for God just like the Attitude of the Pharisee.
James 4:7-10 also tells us that we must humble ourselves to be able to recognize our need for God.
We ALL Need God.