Since the 1st of June, we have been dealing with Success in Life, Career and Business. The feedback so far has been amazing and I hope you have been inspired and motivated to succeed.

Life, Career and Business success hinges on 5 critical keys working together as one master key.

1) Well Formed Outcomes (A Clear Goal and Vision): Without a vision, the people perish

2) Emotional and Sensory Awareness and Mastery : Emotional Intelligence and Mastery is the key to developing and maintaining great relationships and having influence

3) Flexibility and Dynamism: Being solution focused and not being rigid in your approach to solving problems


4) Taking Requisite ACTION at the Right Time: Without action, dreams Die FAST; Don’t just Talk …. DO!

5) The Physiology and Psychology of Excellence : Having a positive mental attitude always. Making sure that your Body Language consistently sends the the right signals to your mind and environment. Doing your BEST always and NEVER QUITTING UNTIL THE END.

LESSON 16:  Ask yourself; Where am I struggling in all of the above and what must I do to master them ALL?


The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola