Gd Morn,

There are 3 Dimensions of Existence-Spirit, Soul, Body

You are a Spirit Being with a mind Living in a Body.

You are a Spiritual Force (Being) daily having human experiences.

You Function as follows:

Spirit- (Knowledge/ Insight/Intention)
Soul – (Understanding/Emotion)
Body- (Motion/Action)

To be Whole, Alive and Living ALL 3 MUST Coexist. They are 1 & 3 at the same Time. Interwoven in Operation but yet Distinct.

You are the “ONLY” Creatures in ALL Existence that Simultaneously Exists and can Operate in more than 1 Dimension at the same time.

The Source; Seed; Secret of Greatness Resides in the Spirit/Soul Power State.

This is the Invisible State of Highest Frequency and Vibration, where EVERYTHING is 1st Created; Through Thoughts, Intentions, Beliefs and Words.

For Consistent Peak Performance ALL 3 Need to be Aligned and Engaged.

You Equally Need Spiritual, Emotional and Social Intelligence Working Together; This is Divine Wisdom.

Your Soul – Mind is “Your Control Centre”

The Seat of Your Intellect, Will, & Emotions – (FUEL).

No Engine no Matter how Powerful can Function without FUEL.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your SOUL prospers.
~3 John 1:2

Your Spirit is “Your Power Centre”

Spirit/Soul Combination According to Psychologists Is Called “The Subconscious – THE MASTER”

Your Subconscious is Responsible for and Drives 90% of Your EXISTENCE & ESSENCE.

Your Body is merely “A Slave”

Why Let a Slave Rule you and function at only 10% of your Capability?

I have even seen SLAVES riding horseback like MASTERS–and MASTERS walking like SLAVES!
~Eccl 10: 7

Learn and Understand your Subconscious Dynamics and ENGAGE with 90%+ Capabilities

My own people are Destroyed because of Ignorance (Lack of Knowledge)

I can teach you these Dynamics with NLP
(Send me a message if you’re interested).

Live WISELY !!!!!!!!!!!!!


“The Catalyst”