All through the month of October, we’ve been discussing the series CHARACTER, goodwill and Godwill on all our platforms.

Like I have mentioned on the Be All You Can Be show and our daily Wisdom Nuggets For Today:

Anything you build or have can ONLY be sustained by CHARACTER, goodwill and Godwill

Anything you build or have, will be destroyed by lack of CHARACTER, goodwill and Godwill.

“Sow a thought, and you reap an act; Sow an act, and you reap a habit; Sow a habit, and you reap a character; Sow a character, and you reap a destiny” — Charles Reade

Your skill and personality can get you through the door but it is your character that will keep the door open. It is therefore indisputable that character is an essential ingredient for success.  I created The Catalyst Character Quotient test based on  the  top 20 traits I believe we all require to have great character.

Take Our Character Quotient Test:

Guideline: You MUST be truthful and honest with yourself and in the scores you give, else you will not be able to determine the areas in which you need growth and make the requisite adjustments.

Rate yourself on a scale of 0-10 on this list of Top 20 character Traits:

1) Humility

2) Courage

3) Gratitude/ Thankfulness

4) Patience/Tolerance

5) Loving/kind/compassionate/emphatic

i.e Having a dedicated affectionate commitment to the well-being of others

6) Forgiving – Being able to forgive wrongs done to you

7) Generous/Selfless

i.e- it’s not about living to survive or succeed but to live a significant life,

helping the less privilege not to get back, but out of compassion and love.

take the catalyst test 2

8) Honesty / Integrity –

i.e being true to others

Being true to yourself

Being true to universal and spiritual truths and principles

Being yourself and true to your purpose, passion

To have genuine intentions and motives following your kind conscience

9) Persistence/ tenacity/ doggedness

i.e When the going gets though and the tough needs to get going

The road to success and happiness especially in Nigeria, is littered with challenges, obstacles, problems and people that want to stop you. How tenacious are you?

10) Excellence

i.e A desire for the best, wanting to be the best, not settling for mediocrity, be all you can be

11) Being visionary and focused

i.e Living purposefully

Going somewhere

Discovering your gift and engaging them to set oneself apart

12) Taking action & having initiative

13) Genuine Love and care for people

14) Open communication

– i.e Presenting your thoughts and feelings articulately

Finding close and trusted people you can open up to if need be vent to in private

15) Healthy Self Esteem, Confidence and belief

– i.e. Being self-driven, self-motivated and inspired

16) Dedication, commitment and Diligence in your chosen field of endeavor

17) Positive Mental Attitude – i.e The “can do” spirit

Living by Belief/hope/ love creed

18) Living humorously/ Laughter/ Joy and Peaceful living

19) Innovative/ creative, intuitive

i.e Doing things differently

Open to change

Driving change

20) Love God

i.e seeing yourself as God’s son

Tapping into the Grace of God and letting the Grace of God work through, in and for you


The maximum score is 200

If you score between:

0-40 – V POOR

41-80 – POOR

81-120 – OK

121-160- GOOD



I would love to hear your feedback on the test and what you will do to make the necessary adjustments if any.

The Catalyst,

Lanre Olusola