Ants, although tiny creatures and most times seen as pests, are one of the most hardworking, diligent and focused creatures on earth. The life of the ant is a lesson on how to consistently succeed. Here are 7 success principles you should adopt from the ants. Principle 1: Ants are daily driven by vision and […]

The Principle of Wealth Creation, Growth & Sustenance

Money is a reward for smart work, i.e solutions provided to problems over time. Money responds to value What value do you create? What problem do you solve? You must also be able to answer these questions: What do you work for ?  Why do you do what you do? Who do you work for? Understand the Psychology […]

A Faster and More Effective Way To Get To The Finish Line

It is the first day of the week, the year 2014 is moving to its last stages. If there is anytime to revisit your goals, that time is now. The goals you set at the beginning of the new year, where are you on them? How many have you ticked as “Done”? Now you don’t […]


You are the only limitation you place upon your life. Whatever you think about most, you bring about and manifest. You just might be why you are not succeeding. you don’t love what you’re doing and  you can’t do what you’re doing for free,  you are in the wrong place doing the wrong thing. WEALTH&SUCCESS […]