The Power of Networking

Relationship is a need; there is absolutely nothing that you can achieve by yourself. The valley of the people around you (your network) determines the value of your net-worth. Career advancement is as much about WHO you know as WHAT you know—and that’s exactly why being a powerful networker is so important. But mastering this important skill […]


To be successful in life and in your career field, you must be able to sell. Whether an employer, employee, entrepreneur lecturer or whatever career path one is on, we are all selling. What is not being sold, does not get done but how do you sell your self, product,concepts or ideas? Watch me discuss […]

A Faster and More Effective Way To Get To The Finish Line

It is the first day of the week, the year 2014 is moving to its last stages. If there is anytime to revisit your goals, that time is now. The goals you set at the beginning of the new year, where are you on them? How many have you ticked as “Done”? Now you don’t […]