“The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting and achieving goals”- Og Mandino. Happy New Year, it’s already over 1 week into 2019! Everyone is swinging into action, some are basking in the euphoria of a new year while others are making resolutions or setting goals for 2019. Unfortunately, […]

DAY 42 : Be Like Water – In Strategy, Tactics and Life    

DAY 42 – 12th October, 2017 Recently during my morning prayer walk whilst I was coaching in Uyo, I saw a small body of water and it inspired today’s principle. With his singular blend of Physical /Mental Prowess, Emotional Intelligence, Intuitive Gifts and  Wisdom, legendary Chinese-American martial artist, philosopher, and filmmaker Bruce Lee is was a rare icon […]

DAY 25 – The Law of Sound Judgment & Decisiveness

DAY 25 – 25th September, 2017 Law 21. The Law of Sound Judgment & Decisiveness   Being Strategic and Tactical at the same time, i.e. working and thinking things through from beginning to end and even considering various scenarios that can get in the way and planning for them. Do you have the ability to make […]