CORONAVIRUS – Why Managing Stress is a very Critical Preventive Measure Right Now!

Over the past few days, many have reached out to me on dealing with fear, anxiety and panic that the coronavirus pandemic brings. Everywhere you turn today you hear or read about COVID-19, a new type of coronavirus that is causing chaos, many illnesses, deaths and crashing financial markets globally. This situation has become so […]

World Suicide Prevention Day: What You Can Do

Today, the 10th of September, is World Suicide Prevention Day and this year’s theme is “working together to prevent suicide” which is literally what my recently ended social media campaign, #BoostYourDoseofDOSE series was all about. If you missed any of the tips, search the hashtag on social media or click DOD to catch up now. Together, let’s prevent suicide […]

The Lagos Traffic Could Spark a Disease Trend of Epidemic Proportions

In a large city like Lagos where there seems to be crazy traffic congestion there are very serious short, medium and long term consequences and implications on the Economy, Environment, Businesses, People and entire Ecosystem. HERE ARE SOME OF SUCH IMPLICATIONS: Lagos is the 3rd most stressful city in the world after Afghanistan and Syria […]

DAY 50 – Relieve Your Stress and Overcome Your Anxiety

Day 50 :  23 -10-2017 Principle 36 : Master your Health, Wellness & Well-being – Eliminate STRESS Stress and anxiety show up in the body physically in a number of ways such as muscle tension or pain, headache, pounding heart, nausea etc. With some of your exercises, you can make huge impact physiologically, which directly impacts […]

DEPRESSION – What is the Real Value of Life?

Depression, death and suicide are heavily linked together. Again just last week, we were suddenly jolted to the reality of depression, hopelessness and how it leads to suicide. Olisa Nwakobi,  just like many of us was a husband, son, uncle and father of a 10 year old who until his death was a banker.  To many, […]


Oscar Pistorius, the embattled South African sprint runner and Olympic athlete who has been involved in what can be termed the world’s most televised trial of the 21st century, appeared at North Gauteng High Court this morning after a three-and-a-half year legal battle. Oscar Pistorius repeatedly shot his 29-year-old model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, after she barricaded herself […]