LIFE LESSONS FROM NATURE: Leadership Principle No. 4 From The Lion

Today, we continue with our series on Life Lessons from Nature – 10 Leadership Principles from the Lion Principle No 4 : The Lion has a Succession Plan for its Kingdom This is another great quality I learnt as I watched several documentaries on the Lion. As a leader, do you have a succession plan and an […]


Did you attend the Emotional Brand Master Class? If you live in Lagos state and your answer is NO, how did you miss this one of a kind event? The 27th of February 2016, saw for the very first time, the Emotional Brand Master Class which was organized by  The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola and Brand Strategist, […]


Over the past few days, I have been talking about Habits on “Wisdom Nuggets For Today” that I share on my social media platforms and many have requested for quick practical  steps to stopping a HABIT. “HABITS can’t be easily stopped; They can be easily Replaced with another HABIT” – The Catalyst “Many people pray […]

Making The Best of Your Contacts

  One of the most important  habits for success, resiliency and relevance in life, career management and business growth is regular attention to building relationships. Mentors, Role models, Feedback providers, Peers and Coaches can help us connect, gain support, develop and excel in our careers. I have said it time and time again that no […]

What Success Is NOT

Success is not always based on money, sadly too many people see ‘rich’ as successful. There are two types of success’s, ‘Good’ success and ‘Bad’ success. A thief who is successful for instance does not have ‘Good’ success. You can be more successful at parenting, at giving, at caring, at living, than some people who […]

DISCIPLINE Affirmations 02

Say these Affirmations together with me;DISCIPLINE gives me control over my thoughts, words, emotions and actionsDISCIPLINE is my BEST FRIENDDISCIPLINE makes me Determined With DISCIPLINE, I Maximize my PotentialsDISCIPLINE PROMOTES AND ESTABLISHES me.DISCIPLINE makes me Tenacious and DedicatedDISCIPLINE helps me Create a LEGACYWith DISCIPLINE I BECOME the BEST that I can BE.With DISCIPLINE I BECOME Righteous DISCIPLINE […]