4 Powerful Life Saving Lessons to Learn from the Thailand Cave Rescue

What was supposed to be a fun outing after a football practice for a group of 12 young boys, turned out to be an incident that kept the world in suspense for 18 days. All thanks to my research coaching intern, Gbemi Obadan, I became very informed about and interested in the key Lessons from […]

DAY 16 – To Consistently Succeed,You Need A Coach

DAY 16 – 16th September, 2017  Law 14 – TO CONSISTENTLY SUCCEED IN ANY CHOSEN FIELD OF ENDEAVOR, YOU NEED A COACH  Do you have a coach you pay and work with that helps you create and consistently deliver on your Goals, Vision and Mission? Do you have a Coach that has helped you master […]

QUICK TIPS : Developing a Healthy Self-Worth and Self-Esteem

After taking The Catalyst Self Esteem Quick Test (Take it HERE if you haven’t taken it yet) and seeing your scores, the next step is to start with these quick tips and immediately work on developing yourself. Remember, the level of your Energy, Self Worth, Self Esteem and Confidence determines your level of motivation and […]

It’s Less Than 7mins But This Video Will Change Your Life

I bet you have seen so many of such captions but you can believe me when I say something will change your life. Your thoughts (positive or negative) will change your life and this video will change your thoughts positively. It is only 6mins+ but in it, you will watch and read tit-bits at the […]