BE ALL YOU CAN BE ABUJA – Pictures and More

Abuja came alive with this weekend as it experienced Catalysis from none other than The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola like never before. Not new to the Abuja landscape, this was  however the first time The Catalyst was having a coaching program in the FCT.

Making The Best of Your Contacts

  One of the most important  habits for success, resiliency and relevance in life, career management and business growth is regular attention to building relationships. Mentors, Role models, Feedback providers, Peers and Coaches can help us connect, gain support, develop and excel in our careers. I have said it time and time again that no […]

The 24 Laws Of Consistent Peak Performance

On this very interesting and enlightening episode of BE ALL YOU CAN BE WITH THE CATALYST, I sit down with Peak Performance Coach and NLP Practitioner, Ade Adefemi to discuss what one must do to consistently perform at his/her peak. The 24 laws are listed with  questions answered. WATCH The Episode  and do subscribe to my […]